About Us

Lynden Veterinary Clinic was formed in 2010, to cater for the veterinary needs of Nairobi and its outskirts. It is a registered and certified clinic, offering a variety of medical services to all domestic animals, including dogs, cows, cats, chicken and so much more, at an affordable cost. We have two branches; one along Karen-Ngong Road, another at Utawala

Our Mission

To provide the highest standards of veterinary care possible with commitment to excellence and professionalism

Our Plan

To expand our branches all over the country become the biggest referral veterinary hospital in East Africa and beyond.

Our Vision

To become the leading veterinary care institution in East Africa and beyond


Treatment & Surgery

Surgical procedures (spay,castration,orthopaedics), ultrasound, X-ray, vaccination, deworming, dental check-ups, microchip implantation, breeding advice, movement permits

Pharmacy / Lab Services

We provide an array of medical drugs for your pets, together with appropriate prescriptions and time-to-time progress checking

Dog Training

Come to us with your dreary and sleepy dogs, and we'll turn them from couch potato to military packs. Get them trained on aggression, obedience and washroom discipline

Boarding Facilities

Going for a trip and worried about leaving your pet at home? Bring it to us at Lynden. Come to us for pet adoption and pet bereavement services too!

Grooming Salon

From bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning, medicated baths, hand brushing, hair cutting and pest control, we ensure your pet stays fresh and clean at all times

Feeds and Accessories

Get your pet's shopping all sorted. From food, collars, leashes, shampoo, toys and so much more


Dog Breeds

View the various dog breeds we deal in





German Shepherd

Golden Retriever







Other Pet Breeds


Arabian horse

Domestic shot-hair cut

Fresian Horse

Throughbred horse

Maine-Coon cat

Persian cat

Siamese cat

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